The Gridiron

The Gridiron is our Parish Magazine

For over 100 years the church has produced the Gridiron parish magazine for local people.  As Chobham has grown so has the circulation of the magazine, and today over 1,000 homes receive the Gridiron each month.

The pages contain news and features of everything which goes on in the parish and its churches.  The Gridiron is a high-quality community magazine, not one of those glossy free advertising publications.  In the middle of the Gridiron is a simple yellow pages for contact details of local community members, groups, businesses and services.

The Gridiron is published on the last Friday of the month and there are ten issues a year (July/August, and December/January are joint issues).  The cost is just 50p.



Where can I get the Gridiron?

You can buy one in church - there is a stand in the church porch as you walk in on the right, and you can put the small fee into the letter box on the left.

Set up a subscription - most people who take the Gridiron set up an annual subscription, which costs just £5.00.  One of the team of 60 distributors will bring it to your home each month.  If you want to receive copies regularly, please contact Laura Chatwin on 01276 858773 or

Can I contribute in the Gridiron?

Everyone in our community is welcome to contribute to the Gridiron.  If you are doing so for the first time then it's a good idea to get in touch with the Editor - Gill Balister, you can reach her on 01276 858224 or

The copy dates for 2020 are:

5th January
12th February
11th March
8th April
13th May
10th June
12th August
9th September
14th October
11th November

Can I advertise in Gridiron?

Many local groups business and services advertise in the Yellow Pages of the Gridiron.  The fee depends upon the length of the advertisment, but if you wish to find out more then please get in touch with our Advertising Manager -  Collin Flower.  You can contact him on 01276 857868 or